The Pacific Coast Fox Trotter Association is a nonprofit organization formed to promote the Fox Trotter Horse Breed and to promote PCFTA activities. Our activities include horse shows, demonstrations, clinics, trail rides and social events. Our present membership area includes Northern, Central, and Southern California and Nevada. Our Newsletter, “Fox Trotting Rhythm ‘N News,” is published every other month and is free of charge to members. Members may also utilize the Newsletter for exchanging non-advertising information without charge.

History of the Foxtrotter

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse originated in the Ozark mountains during the 1820’s, and as such is one of America’s oldest breeds. It is likely that the breed arose from a combination of the Spanish Barb, Morgan, Arab, and Thouroughbred. Attention was focused on producing a horse suitable for traveling long distances and being comfortable to ride over rough landscape.

The Gait

One of the most distinguishing features of the Fox Trotter is its gaited fox trot, which allows it to travel with a particularly smooth and comfortable stride. They are hearty horses with great endurance and stamina, resisting fatigue to a much greater degree than many other breeds. The fox trot is a gait where the horse walks in the front and has a sliding trot action behind. This creates little movement through the back, making them extremely comfortable. The Fox Trotter can maintain speeds of approximately 7 mph, while over shorter distances this will increase to approximately 10 mph. This gaited movement is accompanied by an up and down head nodding and a rhythmic tail bobbing. The Fox Trotter’s other gaits are a four-beat walk called the flat walk, in which the hind feet overtrack the front feet, and a very smooth canter.

The Fox Trotter has an excellent temperament being quiet, ameable, intelligent and energetic. They stand between 14.2hh and 16.2hh.

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